March 13, 2000

Dear Mr. Kenney,
In case you're wondering who this is, I could simply sum it up by
saying "a very satisfied customer". Really though, I was a member of
the audience on February 16, 2000. This was the day that you had
come to Franklin Regional Middle School. Your presentation had moved
many of my other friends and I. It was incredibly excellent!

After your speech, I really did believe that nothing was
impossible. You also made me realize to dream big and really believe in
myself. For the longest time I wanted to fight against racism. I knew
who Martin Luther King Jr. was, but I really didn't know all the "inside"
information. During your presentation, I realized how much he had
done, and how much I would love to do what he did. I despise racism
ever so much, and I was wondering if there was anything that I could
do at my age. I know you are an actor, but if you could change so many
people's ideas and encourage people's dreams, I was wondering if there
was an organization for children who believed that racism is wrong. I
had always dreamt of becoming the first female president, only to
make a difference, and stop any racism. I feel that I could be in so
much more power and could really change people's perspective of the
colored or whites. No words could describe how much courage and
strength I have in myself now after your performance.

To sum it up, I think you put on a wonderful and very moving
performance. I admire your talent, and only wish that your devotion
and love spreads throughout ever school you will visit. Because of you
and Martin Luther King Jr., I believe that I am a star that will keep on
shining though I may never be the sun. King would be very proud of
you. God bless you.
Thank you again for your encouragement.

Greater Pittsburgh
Center for Race Relations
and Anti-Racism Training

January 20 2000
8500 Thompson Run Road
Allison Park, PA 15101

FAX 412-364-1933

Mr. Gregory Gibson Kenney
5037 Sherwood Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102

Dear Gregory:
BRAVO! I was so glad to have the opportunity to see one of your performances. I was
touched and inspired, as was everyone present, I'm sure. It is amazing how much I have
taken for granted. I always relied on the same old Rosa Parks story, the one that has been
passed along, "a tired black woman in the south wouldn't give up her seat". There is so
much more to the story and I thank you for sharing that with me.
Thank you for participating in the Dr. Regina A. Borum Diversity Series and the Martin
Luther King, Jr. celebration of peace and justice. The YWCA Center for Race Relations is
honored to take part in celebrating diversity at the La Roche College campus. It is
inspiring to see the level of commitment faculty, staff and students have toward making
their campus and community a more inclusive environment. Your participation has
certainly inspired the students to recognize the importance of the events scheduled during
the next month.
I look forward to seeing you again soon and will do my best to testify to your remarkable
story telling abilities. Please call me if I, or the Center, can ever be of assistance to you.
Take care and good luck in all of your endeavors.


Kristen K. Pauchnik

Marketing Coordinator

Our Imperative:
To Eliminate Racism
A United Way Agency